LOCKER #53    Video Installation   I   9 min   I   2013

Personal journey in Albridge Storage where six months storing documents and pictures of seven years of my life in Vancouver. Revisiting memories through images placed back in Locker # 53. Now is the time to break free through the trapdoor.

Thru The Trapdoor was an interdisciplinary art exhibition was curated by Paul Wong and event that took place from April 22 to 26, 2014. It was produced to mark the end of an era for the building located at 1965 Main Street that had housed Vancouver artists and arts organizations for over 20 years. 

Soledad Muñoz  Short Documentary   I  12 min   I  2016

Soledad Muñoz Fiegehen is an interdisciplinary artist born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Rancagua, Chile. Currently based in Vancouver, her work seeks to explore the analogy between the ever-changing social spaces we inhabit, the inter-connectivity materialized in the woven structure and an embodied experience of sound. 

This project was initiated by Margaret Dragu, the winner of the 2012 Governor General’s Award, and developed into a three part collaboration between Cinevolution Media Arts Society, Margaret Dragu’s DWI (Dragu Worker International) Production and VIVO Media Arts Centre.

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Hometown   Short Experimental   I   2 min   I  2014

This is a short experimental video is about revisiting
hometown, Izmir, Turkey.

Each time visiting homwtown, you find something you forget about yourself. 
HOMETOWN, Short Experimental
Amgydala   Short Experimental    2 min   I   2012

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Identity – Ancestral Memory   Multi-media Dance Performance    I   70 min    I   2014

It is a fusion of Japanese traditional performances and contemporary dances. It is inspired by the poems and the words of Japanese Canadian artists. The Nikkei Nisei painter, photographer,and poet, Roy Kiyooka was the biggest source of inspiration. The identity of Japanese Canadians is juxtaposed with videos of interviews of people in Japan talking about identity.

Director: Yayoi Hirano Choreographer: Jay Hirabayashi 
Stage Performers: YAYOI, Jay Hirabayashi, Carolyn Chan, Tomoko Hanawa
Visual Designer: Sebnem Ozpeta

VIDEOGRAPHICS   Documentary   I   90 min   I   2013

Viideogtaphics was curated by media artist Paul Wong from the Archive on the occasion of the centre’s 40th anniversary in 2013. Wong’s homage recalled the original 1973 poster wall created by Michael Goldberg at 261 Powell Street, the homebase for Video Inn (The Satellite Video Exchange Society) from 1973 to 1986. These were critical years in the organization’s development as a leading center of independent media and video art. Wong was one of S.V.E.S.’ founding members and a mentee of Michael Goldberg, whose social, political and aesthetic influence on the Society was crucial to its future trajectory.

VIDEOGRAPHICS is a first helical scan of VIVO posters and graphics, a process of recording and creating digital memory. Far from nostalgically rewinding and pausing on the past, this mixed media installation conveyed the traces left by the analog era in its transition to the digital world.

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Sleep Fever   Music Video   I  2 min   I   2016

Music by prOpechy sun
Performance by prOpechy sun
filmed and edited by sebnem ozpeta

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prOpechy sun   Short Documentary   I   10:37 min   I   2016

prOphecy sun’s interdisciplinary performance practice threads together both conscious and unconscious choreographies, sound, and environment, to create exploratory works that invoke deep body memory and draw from an interior landscape of dreams. 

This project was initiated by Margaret Dragu, the winner of the 2012 Governor General’s Award, and developed into a three part collaboration between Cinevolution Media Arts Society, Margaret Dragu’s DWI (Dragu Worker International) Production and VIVO Media Arts Centre.

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Falling   Video Installation   I  7 min   I   2015

LIVING   Video Installation   I   15 min   I   2011 / 2015

LIVING is a signal channel video projection project. In this installation, viewers experience the large-scale image of a woman onto the surface of a Cedar tree. Moving woman image body transforms with texture of leaves in 3 dimension form.

Oscillations @ Charleson Park,  Vancouver, BC 2015
Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC with Locomoto Art Collective, 2013
Bass Coast Music Festival, Squamish, BC  2012

Visual Mash up   I  2012  

Visuals from early dadaist, experimental and surreal film footage and also early middle Eastern and Eastern Europe animations. Collaborated with

Subversive team, between 2011-2012 at Open Studio, W2, Anza Club, Vancouver, BC.

A tree dies, a nation wakes up   Video Installation     7 min   I   2015
(A line by renounced Turkish poet, Nâzım Hikmet)

This single channel projection is dedicated to those killed and injured since the start of the Gezi Park protest movement (Turkey, May 2013). And to all Chapullers all around the world!

The Gezi Park events started as peaceful demonstrations against the municipal government’s controversial construction plans to demolish the public park in the iconic Taksim Square to make way for a shopping mall. Dozens of protestors opposed to the plans have been camping in the park. The Gezi Park Movement and continuous struggles all over Turkey have inspired a remarkable sense of social solidarity and creative experimentation in political practices and self-organizing.

Oscillations @ Charleson Park,  Vancouver, BC   I   Your Kontinent Film & Media Festival, Richmond, BC  

ANU   Documentation   I   2012/ 2014

Live Performance (Videographer & Editor) Anu is akin to an interdisciplinary artist residency that commissions fresh work by unifying diverse Artists under a concept and theme.

It creates space to support and increase artistic excellence and knowledge

NIJINSKY GIBBER JAZZ CLUB   Dance Performance   I   2013 /2014

The Nijinsky Gibber Jazz Club is an improvisation research ensemble under the direction of Artistic Director/Choreographer Jennifer Mascall.

The ensemble performs in improvised sets not necessarily set in time but framed by specific sets of rules. Part of the improvisor’s sophistication is in knowing when an impulse, a movement, a whole piece is complete.

LIVE   Documentation   I   2014/ 2016 

Live is a Vancouver showcase of international contemporary performance art.  It began in 1999 as ‘Live at the End of the Century’, a one time festival inviting leading Vancouver art galleries and institutions to celebrate the history of performance art in Vancouver.

It brought together the divergent local art community into a new, single vision and purpose and proposed a unique functional model for presenting and celebrating performance art in Vancouver.

​Andrew Dadson   Short Bio   I   3 min   I   2016  

Andrew Dadson’s 2016 Emily Alumni Award Recipent. His paintings push the physical parameters of the medium such that they become almost like sculptures. Dadson’s practice is characterized by his thick handling of paint. He often begins with undercoats of bright colors, and topcoats of black or white. These layers are scraped, pushed, and dragged, then piled on again. In his recent series “Re-stretched” (begun 2012), he scrapes layers of paint toward each of the four edges of a stretched canvas. He then removes the canvas from the stretcher and mounts it on a larger frame, such that the excess paint forms a ridge in relief. “Everything has boundaries,” he says. “In my practice, I search for the spaces and opportunity to then question where such boundaries begin and end.”.

​This video was produced by Emily Carr University Production Services

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Pat Christie   Short Bio   I   3 min   I    2017

Pat Christie is 2017 Emily Alumni Award Recipient who is an industrial designer, entrepreneur, and social innovator. Pat believes that imagination and play are fundamental to a healthy process of creation and problem-solving. After graduating from Emily Carr University in 2011, he founded DalyCo., a business established around thoughtful human-centred design with a focus on regional wood products and development. In 2013, he co-founded Yew Woodshop with fellow alumni, to share equipment, space and knowledge resources. SPACE soon followed, a creative hub and showroom where designers sell products through a low margin model and participate in hosted activities that encourage the development and exposure of new products and ideas.
Christie's activities have focused on increasing the connectivity between the academic and professional realms, spearheading multiple initiatives to create links between organizations and individuals from disparate fields. Together, his entrepreneurial ventures form a living prototype of the innovative, collaborative, values-based working group that the local design and manufacturing community can bring together.

This video was produced by Emily Carr University Production Services.

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